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Ballroom Class

Learning to dance with a partner is challenging, both physically and mentally, and yet can still be a lot fun! Styles of dance taught in this class are varied and can include classical ballet, swing, waltz, Cha cha, fox trot, polka, tango, salsa,  hip hop and jazz.

Dancing makes you smarter and can be a great workout too!

All ages welcome and no previous dance experience necessary.

Dance Center recommends a minimum 6-week commitment signing up for classes. Special accommodations are made for couples wanting to learn a specific dance for an upcoming special dance, eg. wedding, anniversary, etc. 

Dress code for Ballroom class: Comfortable workout clothing including sweats, leotards, tights, jazz pants, leggins, tee shirts, shorts, etc. Character or jazz shoes with heals, & character skirt for ladies, dress/jazz shoes for men. 


Kay and Wade have been married since last October and went dancing on their first date! "As simple as it is, why is it so hard to grasp?" said Wade in regards to learning ballroom dancing. 

Michele and David have been taking ballroom classes now for about 4 weeks and getting ready to be able to dance at future weddings of some of  their 9 children!  Miss Eleanore is "very patient and willing to repeat instructions" which they appreciate. 

Adam and Emily Swing dance to Rock Around the Clock

Rob, who set up the classes for himself and his wife , Vanessa, in preparation for their first grandson's wedding, have taken 6 weeks of ballroom classes. Since the big event last weekend, they plan on continuing to take ballroom classes. "Great teacher!"


Laura loves the individual attention in ballroom class given by Miss Eleanore. Her husband was out of town for these photos, but Laura said that she is "amazed at Eleanore's talent for choreography. She hears the music and creates beauty in any type of music and dance style. She is very patient!" 

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