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Class Levels ...

Kinder 1: Ages 3-4 No previous experience necessary.
Children are introduced to dance movement with songs, exciting music, games and props.  Basic elements of Ballet, Tap and Acrobatic are introduced. A parent or care giver is asked to be prepared to stay in room during class.

Kinder 2: Ages 4-5 New students or 1 year experience.

Ballet: Ballet is the basic technique for ALL dance disciplines.  It is taught slowly and carefully to develop core strength, flexibility and coordination.  Ballet class helps students develop mental and physical discipline.  Children usually begin graded ballet classes at age 5 or 6.


Pointe: Pointe class using pointe shoes is another dimension of Ballet.  It is only for strong ballet students who have passed the Grade I Cecchetti exam or the equivalent there of.  Bone growth needs to be sufficient and x-ray may be required.


Cecchetti Ballet Primary Grade 1
Ages 5-6
No previous experience necessary.

Cecchetti Ballet Primary Grade 2
Ages 6-7 Previous experience helpful but not necessary.

Cecchetti Ballet Primary Grade 3
Ages 7-10 Previous experience necessary.

Cecchetti Ballet Graded Classes I-IV
Children's syllabus taught in class on individual basis.

Cecchetti Ballet Graded Classes V-VII
Professional levels. Have passed children's grades I-IV or equivalent experience

CCA exams are recommended as dancers proceed through the grades.

Jazz: Jazz is a form of dancing born in America.  Styles include Swing, Boogie Woogie, African, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Funk, Disco and more.  Jazz classes include technique and expressive dance movement. Ballet classes strongly recommended.

Tap: Ages 5 and up.This class offers students skills in rhythm, musicality, coordination, teamwork, and body movement while making sounds with the feet.  Tap classes tend to be fun and quick moving. Emphasis on clarity of taps, speed, rhythm, and terminology.

Modern: Modern is a dance form that emerged out of the ideals of classical Ballet technique and codification and instead focuses on concepts of torso contraction and release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation.  It is performed barefoot and with non-traditional costuming. Ballet is required.


Lyrical: A fusion of Ballet and Jazz which expresses dance through the lyrics of a song.  Previous and ongoing Ballet technique class is required.


Musical Theatre: This class involves dancing, acting and singing.  Stage presence and personality are stressed. Ballet, Tap, or Jazz technique class is required.

Acrobatics: Suggested ages 8+ Acro class is similar to gymnastics without the use of equipment, only floor mats. It originated in China and is centuries old. There is emphasis on stretching and strengthening to accomplish the tricks. Students need to be comfortable being upside-down.


Character: Suggested age 12+ Character classes include traditional folk dances from other countries, i.e. Hawaiian, Russian, Italian, and Spanish, and is available upon request.





 Liturgical Dance: A type of dance movement sometimes incorporated into liturgies or worship services as an expression of worship: the dancers will respond with an appropriate dance which flows out of the music and is thought to enhance the prayer or worship experience. This dance may either be spontaneous, or have been choreographed ahead of time. If it is choreographed it is generally fitted to the song's lyrics or to religious concepts. All ages welcome. 

Adults: are welcome at Dance Center!  Men & women can join teen classes or Adult Dance Fitness, Tai Chi, Liturgical Dance, Tap, Theatre, Character, and Ballroom classes. These are all excellent options for adults.

Private classes are also available upon request.



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