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Liturgical Dance

Liturgical dance is a type of dance movement sometimes incorporated into liturgies or worship services as an expression of worship: the dancers will respond with an appropriate dance which flows out of the music and is thought to enhance the prayer or worship experience. This dance may either be spontaneous, or have been choreographed ahead of time. If it is choreographed it is generally fitted to the song's lyrics or to religious concepts.

Some liturgical dance had been common in ancient times or non-western settings, with precedents in the Hebrew religion back to accounts of dancing in the Old Testament. An example is the episode when King David danced before the Ark of the Covenant. (2 Samuel 6:4)


Dress code for Liturgical dance class:

For Adults: Comfortable workout clothing including: Leotards, tights/leggins, jazz/yoga pants, sports bra, tank/tee shirts, warm-ups, barefoot or ballet/jazz shoes, longer/character skirt optional.

For Students: Leotard any color, pink, tan or black tights, barefoot or ballet/jazz shoes, longer/character skirt.

Please no baggy sweats. Hair out of face, either ponytail or bun.

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